Flower Mound Ground Mount Solar

Flower Mound Ground Mount Solar

Neighborhood Solar has a wide range of Tier 1 solar products for our customers to choose from, including the increasingly popular Flower Mound ground mount solar. A ground mount solar system is a great option for homes that are not good candidates for a rooftop system.

If you’re interested in learning more about ground mount solar in Flower Mound TX, contact Neighborhood Solar today. We can fit you with the best products for your needs and budget.


Advantages of Flower Mound Ground Mount Solar

There are unique advantages to choosing ground mount solar in Flower Mound TX. They may not be as common as rooftop systems but they are growing in popularity. And when you choose Neighborhood Solar, you can choose from different, low-profile designs.

The benefits of installing Flower Mound ground mount solar are:

  • Size. If you have a lot of unused land, you can easily install ground mount solar in Flower Mound TX. Our Solar Experts will talk with you to determine the best size system for you and your home’s needs.
  • Orientation. Your roof may not be situated at the best angle, but this can be done with a ground mount solar system. This way, you can see the maximum energy production from your panels. 
  • Ease of maintenance. Because it’s on the ground, a Flower Mound ground mount solar system is easy to take care of. You can easily access the panels for cleaning off snow, dust, etc.


Buy or Lease Ground Mount Solar in Flower Mound TX from Neighborhood Solar

Neighborhood Solar has various purchase options to make solar affordable for today’s families. You can lease a solar system or purchase one – there are pros to both. Leasing is less expensive but buying a system allows you to get the tax credits and incentives.

By choosing Neighborhood Solar, you can expect:

  • Fast turnaround times – start saving immediately!
  • Dedicated Project Managers
  • Low energy rates you can lock in today
  • Dependable warranties that we stand behind
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Best prices and products in the industry

Flower Mound ground mount solar is a great alternative to a traditional rooftop solar system. To learn more about this solar technology and if it’s right for you, contact Neighborhood Solar today.


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