Keller Ground Mount Solar

Keller Ground Mount Solar

Are you thinking about installing a Keller ground mount solar system? This is a great option if you’re hoping to reap the benefits of solar energy but without installing a rooftop system. Neighborhood Solar carries a wide range of solar products to suit our customers’ needs, and this includes ground mount solar in Keller TX.

Getting started with solar is easy. Give us a call and a dedicated Solar Expert will advise the best solar options for you and your home. While Keller ground mount solar is a popular option for some homeowners, we have other options such as traditional rooftop solar and solar tiles. Contact us today to learn more about your options!


What are the Benefits of Installing Keller Ground Mount Solar?

Ground mount solar offers unique benefits. It’s efficient, easy to maintain and cost-effective. We highly recommend ground mount solar in Keller TX if your home faces the wrong direction for capturing the sun’s energy or is shaded by obstructions.

As you consider your options for solar power, here are the main advantages to expect from Keller ground mount solar:

  • Install the panels in the best location for maximum energy production
  • Expand your system so that you can generate enough electricity for your household needs
  • Easy maintenance – being on ground level you don’t need a ladder to access the panels
  • Air is able to pass through the panels, keeping them cool and efficient


Why Choose Neighborhood Solar for Ground Mount Solar in Keller TX

Neighborhood Solar continues to be a trusted source for solar solutions. We have various products and purchase options, making solar energy affordable for everyday homeowners. You can choose to own or lease the panels. There are benefits to both, including zero down options and the opportunity to take advantage of the tax credits and incentives.

By choosing us for ground mount solar in Keller TX, you can lock in your energy rates, produce your own solar energy and significantly reduce your energy bills. Utilizing solar energy also increases your home value by 5-40%, making this a worthwhile investment.

To learn more about installing Keller ground mount solar, contact Neighborhood Solar today.


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