Plano Residential Solar Panels

Plano Residential Solar Panels

Are you feeling frustrated having to pay increasingly high electric bills? Are you nervous your home might be affected by the rolling blackouts? If you want to decrease you monthly energy bill and own your energy, Plano residential solar panels are the answer! For most homeowners in Texas, solar panels make perfect sense. And they probably do for you, too.

Neighborhood Solar can help you choose the perfect residential solar panels in Plano TX. We have a variety of solar products and purchase options. There are pros and cons to each option, which we’ll discuss with you. We want our customers to be informed so they can make the best decisions for their homes!


Are Plano Residential Solar Panels Worth the Investment?

Solar panels usually pay for themselves within 10 years or less, especially out here in sunny Texas where the sun shines over 230 days a year. Instead of paying the energy company every month, you pay toward paying off an energy producing asset.

When you work with Neighborhood Solar, one of our Solar Experts will discuss the many options you can choose from that Plano residential solar panels offers. Some of the factors we look at are your current energy bill, your home’s location and the local incentives.

Here are some of the benefits of having residential solar panels in Plano TX installed on your home:

  • Generate clean, green energy. You’ll feel good reducing your carbon footprint and knowing that you are helping out the environment. You’ll also be independent from the utility companies – no more high rates!
  • Reduce your utility bills. You can enjoy immediate savings with Plano residential solar panels. Energy bills usually drop by 5-40%. You can also lock in your energy rate for the next 25+ years!
  • Enjoy low maintenance. Not much work goes into residential solar panels in Plano TX. You can enjoy efficient panels that continue to provide clean, green energy. And, when you choose Neighborhood Solar, you’ll get excellent warranties.


Moving Forward with Residential Solar Panels in Plano TX

If you’re ready to move forward with new solar panels, contact Neighborhood Solar today. We are locally owned and operated, and we have the best pricing in the industry and excellent customer service. As an established company, you can trust us to stand behind our warranties as well. This includes a 25-year power output guarantee and 10-year workmanship warranty.

Schedule an appointment today and let’s chat about Plano residential solar panels.


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