The Colony Residential Solar Panels

The Colony Residential Solar Panels

Have you been thinking about installing The Colony residential solar panels? For many homeowners in Texas, this is a no brainer. They can break free from the monopolized utility companies and start producing their own energy. As Texans, we want security from rolling blackouts, rising energy prices and even better solar energy that is 100% clean and green!

Getting started with residential solar panels in The Colony TX can be overwhelming, though. What types of panels are best? How many do you need? How much will they cost? Don’t worry – Neighborhood Solar is here to answer your questions and help you find the best solar solutions for your needs!


Are The Colony Residential Solar Panels Worth It?

In most cases, yes, solar panels are worth the investment. Here are some of the reasons why.

  • They increase the value of your home by 4-6%. Buyers find homes with already installed solar systems more attractive than those without. The work is already done for them!
  • They help you break free from the utility companies. Tired of paying outrageous costs for electricity? The Colony residential solar panels allow you to lock in your energy rates for 25+ years! Plus no more rolling blackouts!
  • They reduce your utility bills immediately. When you first install residential solar panels in The Colony TX, you can look at saving around 5-40% off your utility bills.

While each home is unique, it’s safe to say that most properties benefit from The Colony residential solar panels.


Choose Neighborhood Solar for Residential Solar Panels in The Colony TX

Neighborhood Solar is not a fly-by-night solar company. We are a locally owned and operated company that aims to educate and empower customers on how to generate their own energy. We have various residential solar panels in The Colony TX to choose from, as well as different ways to pay.

Some customers find it most economical to lease their panels while others purchase them outright so they can take advantage of the incentives. Don’t forget to ask about our comprehensive warranties as well, including our optional 30-year bumper-to-bumper system warranty.

To find the right The Colony residential solar panels for your home, contact Neighborhood Solar today!


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