Dallas Ground Mount Solar

Dallas Ground Mount Solar

When thinking about installing a solar system on your home, does your rooftop come to mind? There’s another option to consider – a Dallas ground mount solar system. This type of system is just as easy and cost-effective as a rooftop system.

Neighborhood Solar has extensive experience installing ground mount solar in Dallas TX and we’d love to share this technology with you! To learn more about your options for solar, contact our locally owned and operated solar company today!


What are the Benefits of Dallas Ground Mount Solar?

Believe it or not, a ground mount solar system might be your best option! Even though solar technology has come a long way, not all homes are a good fit for a rooftop system. If your home is one of them, you can likely benefit from ground mount solar in Dallas TX instead.

Here are some of the benefits to installing this type of solar system:

  • Dallas ground mount solar can be installed wherever the conditions are best. If you have a large yard or extra space to accommodate the ground mount solar system, with ideal placement, you can maximize energy production with no issues.
  • Another perk to Dallas ground mount solar is that it can be sized to meet your exact electricity needs. If your home uses a lot of electricity, our team of design experts will develop the most efficient system for your home’s needs.
  • Easy install. Our team of solar installation experts can complete the installation in 1 – 2 days. Your assigned dedicated Project Manager will keep you informed every step of the way.
  • Easy maintenance. While solar panels are naturally low in maintenance, ground mount solar in Dallas TX is exceptionally easy to care for. Because the panels are on the ground, you can access them for cleaning and maintenance.


Learn More About Ground Mount Solar in Dallas TX Today

If your rooftop isn’t a good fit for solar panels, it’s possible that Dallas ground mount solar is a better option. You’ll get the same great benefits no matter what type of panels you choose, as well as qualify for our comprehensive warranties. Contact Neighborhood Solar today to learn more about your options for solar power.


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