Frisco Ground Mount Solar

Frisco Ground Mount Solar

If you’re interested in going solar, a Frisco ground mount solar system may be the best fit for you. Rather than being installed on your rooftop, this type of system is installed on the ground. Although they are less common, ground mount solar offers a wide range of benefits, especially if your roof isn’t a good candidate for rooftop solar.

Neighborhood Solar carries a wide range of solar products, including ground mount solar in Frisco TX. Contact us today to learn more about your options. Generating your own energy is just around the corner!


Advantages of Frisco Ground Mount Solar

At Neighborhood Solar, we offer a large selection of solar products, and ground mount solar in Frisco TX is one of them. Anyone can take advantage of these systems, but we especially recommend them to those who want to reap the benefits of solar power but can’t accommodate a rooftop system.

Here are some of the benefits of installing Frisco ground mount solar for your property:

  • Size. If you have a lot of land, you can generate even more electricity with a ground mount system and enjoy higher savings
  • Easy maintenance. Because ground mount solar in Frisco TX is on the ground, it’s easy to take care of. While solar panels are mostly maintenance free, having them accessible is helpful!
  • Orientation. You can get the most energy from your ground mount solar system by installing it in the best location. Our Solar Installation Experts will angle the panels so the panels will absorb the most sun possible.



Choose Neighborhood Solar for Ground Mount Solar in Frisco TX

As a locally owned and operated solar company, we are committed to our customers. We want to see them break from the monopolized utility companies and generate their own energy. Providing homeowners energy freedom is a great feeling and our homeowners are contributing to bettering our community as a whole. This is why we make it easy to afford Frisco ground mount solar systems.

The benefits to choosing us are for solar energy are:

  • Increase your property value
  • Reduce your utility bills
  • Generate your own clean energy
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Dedicated Project Manager to guide you every step of the process
  • Best valued Tier 1 products in the industry
  • Help the environment
  • Lock in low energy rates today

To learn more about installing a Frisco ground mount solar system for your home, contact Neighborhood Solar today.


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