Lantana Solar Roof Tiles

Lantana Solar Roof Tiles

Interested in installing Lantana solar roof tiles on your home? Solar roof tiles are an effective way to reduce your carbon footprint and generate your own clean electricity. Not only are you creating a more sustainable future for generations to come, but also you’re freeing yourself from the electric companies. No longer do you have to rely on them and their rates.

The benefit to installing solar roof tiles in Lantana TX is that they aren’t big and bulky like traditional solar panels. Instead, they are made to look just like asphalt shingles. We highly recommend them to customers who want to produce their own energy but without large panels on their rooftop.

Let’s learn more about Lantana solar roof tiles and if they’re the right fit for your home!


The Basics on Solar Roof Tiles in Lantana TX

Solar roof tiles in Lantana TX are connected to the grid, just as solar panels are. They are effective at producing energy and can help you start saving right away. However, the technology is newer and not as effective as solar panels. Luckily, this won’t be a big deal if you have a large roof and can install enough tiles.

In order to find the best solution for your needs, it’s important to talk to an experienced solar company like Neighborhood Solar. We sell both Lantana solar roof tiles and solar panels and can help you choose the best option for your needs and budget. Our goal is to empower our customers to generate their own electricity, so both options will get you to your goal.


Why Choose Neighborhood Solar for Lantana Solar Roof Tiles

As one of the most trusted solar companies in the area, Neighborhood Solar has a wide range of products. We also have different ways to pay for them, including taking out a lease or loan, or buying the panels outright.

Our company wants to make installing solar roof tiles in Lantana TX easy and affordable for customers, so here are a few things to expect from us:

  • Locally owned and operated in Texas
  • Excellent warranties that we stand behind
  • Lock in low energy rates today
  • Break free from the electric companies
  • Reduce your utility bills up to 40%
  • Federal Tax Credit

To learn more about Lantana solar roof tiles and how they can reduce your carbon footprint, contact Neighborhood Solar today.



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