Plano Ground Mount Solar

Plano Ground Mount Solar

Plano ground mount solar is a great option for those who want to take advantage of solar power. Like rooftop solar, it offers the same benefits in terms of reducing your utility bills and allowing you to generate your own energy. You can also break free from the monopolized utility companies – which is a wonderful feeling!

If you are a homeowner who is interested in learning more about ground mount solar in Plano TX, contact Neighborhood Solar today. The cost of energy is at an all time high and continues to rise. By going solar you pay less for energy or may even eliminate your energy bill altogether.


What are Plano Ground Mount Solar Systems? What are Their Benefits?

A ground mount solar system consists of panels that generate solar electricity, just as rooftop panels do. The difference is that these panels are on the ground instead of on your roof. This is welcome news to some homeowners who may not want to drill into their roof, have plenty of land to place the ground mount solar system, or who don’t have a roof that is conducive to solar.

Here are some of the benefits to consider when opting for ground mount solar in Plano TX:

  • Plano ground mount solar is just as efficient as the solar panels placed on your roof but are installed in your yard or land This will allow your home to get the maximum energy production from your panels.
  • Easy to access. Maintenance and repairs are easy with ground mount solar in Plano TX. Even though solar systems are generally very low in maintenance, our solar technicians will be able to access the panels with ease.
  • Cooler panels. Solar panels work best when they are cool. Fortunately, ground mount solar systems allow more air to circulate around them, resulting in better performance.
  • Plano ground mount solar can be expanded as far as you need, as long as your yard or land allows. If you have a large home that uses a lot of electricity, your solar panels can produce enough energy with a ground mount solar system.


Getting Started with Ground Mount Solar in Plano TX

Neighborhood Solar is a locally owned and operated solar company that has some of the best rates in the solar industry, excellent communication and customer service, solar experts that will answer any questions you may have about switching to solar, a top design team to allow for the most efficient design for your solar system, and dedicated Project Managers that will manage your solar installation and ensure you are informed every step of the way. We’ll help make Plano ground mount solar affordable and accessible. Contact us today to learn more about your options for generating your own solar power.


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