Southlake Solar Roof Tiles

Southlake Solar Roof Tiles

Southlake solar roof tiles are an excellent addition to your home! Looking just like traditional asphalt shingles, solar roof tiles have solar cells inside them that allow you to generate your own energy. But instead of being big and bulky, solar roof tiles in Southlake TX are sleek and streamlined. You won’t notice them on your roof, allowing you to maintain the same look you love.

To discuss your options for Southlake solar roof tiles, contact Neighborhood Solar today. We have options for all types of budgets and needs, as well as the latest technology and advanced materials.


What are the Benefits of Having Solar Roof Tiles in Southlake TX?

Solar roof tiles are able to generate clean energy just as solar panels do. The benefit is that they are made to match your roof so you get a great looking, energy efficient rooftop!

Not all solar companies are familiar with this technology because it’s new. Neighborhood Solar is, so you can count on us for the latest products and technology. We recommend Southlake solar roof tiles to those who want to produce their own energy without bulky solar panels.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect by installing solar roof tiles in Southlake TX:

  • Complements a standard roof
  • Available in various sizes and styles
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • Durable and able to withstand high winds, snow and hail
  • Long lifespan of 30+ years


Why Choose Neighborhood Solar for Southlake Solar Roof Tiles

Neighborhood Solar is a trusted solar company that installs solar roof tiles and solar panels. We have excellent warranties, attentive customer service and competitive rates that you can lock in today.

Our goal is to empower customers to generate their own clean energy and free themselves from the electric companies. Electric prices continue to increase, so you end up paying more and more. Who knows what you’ll be paying in the future! If you could have locked in gas prices 25 years ago, would you have? There is no better time to go solar than now. With solar roof tiles in Southlake TX, you can secure your rates and produce your own electricity for all of your needs.

To discuss installing Southlake solar roof tiles on your home, contact Neighborhood Solar today.


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