Lantana Solar Power Installation

Lantana Solar Power Installation

More Texans are switching to solar energy now more than ever because it’s affordable, energy rates continue to rise, and to contribute to the sustainability of the environment. If you’re considering a Lantana solar power installation, schedule a call with Neighborhood Solar. We have a diversified portfolio of Tier 1 solar products, including ground mount solar, rooftop solar and solar tiles. We also make our products affordable with our low rates and attractive lease or buy options.


How Long Does a Solar Power Installation in Lantana TX Take?


On average, a Lantana solar power installation takes a four to eight weeks to complete. The timeline depends on a number of factors, including how long it takes to acquire the permits and if all the parts and equipment are in stock.

Once the Lantana solar power installation is complete, you’ll notify your utility company of the switch. You can then start generating your own energy. You’ll feel great knowing that you can break free from the monopolized utility companies and away from the grid!


What Benefits Can You Expect with Lantana Solar Power Installation?

A solar power installation in Lantana TX will provide you with immediate benefits. Now that you’ll be creating your own energy from the sun, you can enjoy:

  • Reduced utility bills. On average, customers report savings of 5-40%. The more energy you generate, the lower your bills will be, and you get to lock in a low energy rate for 25 years and beyond!
  • Increased property value. Solar is the future. This is why homes with solar installed are more attractive to buyers. The work is already done for them, so they’ll pay more.
  • 100% clean, green energy. All consumers should have the option to choose their source of energy. No one should be at the mercy of the utility companies. You can create your own energy that’s safe for the environment, as well as reduce your footprint.


Choose Neighborhood Solar for Solar Power Installation in Lantana TX

As an established business, you can expect Neighborhood Solar to provide you with excellent service. We are a locally owned and operated business that offers various Tier 1 solar products. Let us help you find the perfect solution for your needs. Also, each solar power installation in Lantana TX includes our comprehensive warranties and guarantees.

To schedule an estimate for Lantana solar power installation, contact Neighborhood Solar today. We look forward to helping you on the path to sustainability!


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